leetcode contest 1 solution

The problems contains:

  • 386. Lexicographical Numbers
  • 387. First Unique Character in a String
  • 388. Longest Absolute File Path

386. Lexicographical Numbers

Given an integer n, return 1 – n in lexicographical order.

For example, given 13, return: [1,10,11,12,13,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9].

Please optimize your algorithm to use less time and space. The input size may be as large as 5,000,000.

题目地址:leetcode Lexicographical Numbers


思路:写一个生成器即可。比如1的我们就试试10 100这样





387. First Unique Character in a String

Given a string, find the first non-repeating character in it and return it’s index. If it doesn’t exist, return -1.


Note: You may assume the string contain only lowercase letters.

题目地址:leetcode First Unique Character in a String


思路:水。 我懒得自己写26大小的数组来统计了。直接Counter类。 毕竟要看女排 →_→





388. Longest Absolute File Path

Suppose we abstract our file system by a string in the following manner:

The string "dir\n\tsubdir1\n\tsubdir2\n\t\tfile.ext" represents:

The directory dir contains an empty sub-directory subdir1 and a sub-directory subdir2 containing a file file.ext.

The string "dir\n\tsubdir1\n\t\tfile1.ext\n\t\tsubsubdir1\n\tsubdir2\n\t\tsubsubdir2\n\t\t\tfile2.ext" represents:

The directory dir contains two sub-directories subdir1 and subdir2. subdir1 contains a file file1.ext and an empty second-level sub-directory subsubdir1. subdir2 contains a second-level sub-directory subsubdir2 containing a file file2.ext.

We are interested in finding the longest (number of characters) absolute path to a file within our file system. For example, in the second example above, the longest absolute path is"dir/subdir2/subsubdir2/file2.ext", and its length is 32 (not including the double quotes).

Given a string representing the file system in the above format, return the length of the longest absolute path to file in the abstracted file system. If there is no file in the system, return0.


  • The name of a file contains at least a . and an extension.
  • The name of a directory or sub-directory will not contain a ..

Time complexity required: O(n) where n is the size of the input string.

Notice that a/aa/aaa/file1.txt is not the longest file path, if there is another path aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/sth.png.

题目地址:leetcode Longest Absolute File Path





下面是我当时为了看女排比赛写的代码,没有优化- –

上述的模拟过程可以用如下的代码替代(并且不用构造串,直接记录长度),比我的简洁太多 Orz 一下 StefanPochmann





本次是leetcode 386. Lexicographical Numbers |  leetcode 387. First Unique Character in a String | leetcode 388. Longest Absolute File Path的题解



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